How To Sell Vintage Clothing Online If You Don’t Own A Single Retro Item

By Elena L. Posted on 5/3/2022

How to sell vintage clothing in your dropshipping store like a pro?

Much like any other dropshipping niche, vintage clothing requires some professional knowledge – or, at least, your passion in historic fashion. So, here is what you need to take into account with such a store:

  • Respect your buyers’ hobby (and time)

Think of the following: your store visitors come to your website because they view your products as proper substitutes to authentic vintage garments. Don’t make them disappointed: show that you understand this business and can really offer something valuable.

For this purpose, first of all, make it easy and enjoyable to your visitors to navigate your website. To make a logical structure within your store, create separate categories: each of them should be dedicated to the fashion of a particular decade. It’s not a good idea to put a 1920s-inspired dress into a 1960s section!

Also, pay attention to the descriptions you put on the product pages. It would be a great idea to find pictures of actual historic clothes that resemble your products and include them in the picture galleries. This is how you will let your visitors see whether your clothes will match their desired style.

  • Make your store competitive

Along your business journey, you’ll have to compete with lots of other online stores: both the websites selling real vintage and the ones that sell “ordinary” clothes. Previously, we made a detailed guide on dropshipping apparel, so adapt it to your store theme and keep going!

  • Advise your buyers on good product combinations

Wouldn’t it be great for your customers to buy a whole set of matching vintage-style clothes at once? Why not offer them this opportunity?

Our handy Upsell add-on lets you ‘attach’ related or recommended products to any items in your store, which is why you can create adorable vintage sets and make your visitors willing to spend a little bit extra. And now, that you know how to make a trustworthy dropshipping store selling vintage, let’s see what AliExpress can offer you!

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Lisa Shadid