Our Partners

When it comes to choosing a WordPress theme or website template, the design is paramount. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of our favorite WordPress web designers to create eye-catching, unique, flexible themes you won’t find anywhere else.

Creativity You Can Trust

Each of our web design partners are seasoned, experienced web designers that have built hundreds of WordPress sites for content creators, bloggers, and digital entrepreneurs just like you.

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Experience + Skill

Our design partners have been designing websites and building WordPress themes since the early days of WordPress. Having designed and built hundreds of successful websites, they are well-respected in the community and are known for their design, talent, and skill.

Business Expertise

Having grown and sold businesses, built agencies, and worked as freelancers, our design partners know what it takes to achieve success online. Infused into each of their theme designs are years of expertise gained from working with clients across a variety of industries.

Passion for Design

Design is a way of life for our partners. It can be seen in everything they do and everything they create. They have a passion for improving user experience across the web and for getting great design into the hands of bloggers, content creators, and digital entrepreneurs.