Advanced Digital Smart Menu QR Code Solutions for Restaurants

Our advanced smart menu and QR code menu solutions are designed to transform and simplify digital dining experiences for restaurants; featuring intuitive creation, leading no-code tech, payment integration, and seamless POS systems.

Elevate customer experience with a QR code menu

Your partner in scaling up your business

BAXOO MENU is more than just a digital menu system; we are your partner in elevating and scaling up your business the ‘digital’ way.

Create and run your campaigns and promotions via your online menu to boost your sales. Bring your best-selling dishes and beverages front and center, and recommend food items to your customers.

Maximize productivity with less staffing

Your guests can immediately place orders through the BAXOO MENU QR code menu ordering system without contacting staff.

You can lead your customers to scan the menu QR code and effortlessly place their orders and pay with just a few taps.

This optimizes the ordering process, and restaurant staff remains free to devote their time and energy to other areas of service.

Increase brand recall with customized menu QR codes

Customers will easily remember and recognize your restaurant with BAXOO’s MENU very own digital menu customization features.

Stand out and get more customer interactions with your branded menu QR codes. Quick and easy to set up.

Build Your Online Menu & Restaurant Website

No coding skills are required. Simply build your online menu and restaurant website with our user-friendly and easy-to-follow interface.

Sell Food Via Customized Menu QR Codes

BAXOO MENU allows you to receive orders from customers who can scan QR codes. Plus, personalize your menu QR codes for a consistent branding identity.

Receive More Orders

Our sales-optimized website makes the online ordering process fast and easy. There are no restrictions on the orders you receive and fulfill. Maximize your restaurant profits by keeping track of your sales and revenue analytics for a more optimized menu pricing and design.

Build Your Menu and Website

Sell Food and Collect Orders

Upsell and Increase Sales

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