What is Email Marketing?

You may have occasionally received brochures of a product or service via direct mail. Email marketing is like the online version of these direct mail brochures. It is just another way of building a relationship with potential customers or clients. It is also the least costly form of online marketing to reach out to a customer.

It is a type of internet marketing that includes marketing via websites, social media, blogs, etc. Although many see email marketing as ‘spam’ taking up space in their email accounts, if done right, it is a very effective marketing tool in terms of reaching out to a large section of your target audience.

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How Does It Work?

Email marketing has become a lot more personalized now, targeting only a specific group of customers that may have an interest in the product or service. Potential customers have the option to subscribe to newsletters, and updates on any special offers on their favorite products while visiting the website. Since emails can be targeted specifically to customers is extremely cost-effective, email marketing has a great ROI (return on investment). The key is to get it right.

How Can it Be Effective?

 The following are the Golden Rules for effectively using e-mail marketing:

  • Be Creative – You do not want your potential customers to just read the first sentence and mark the e-mail as spam. Be creative, and keep in mind the tone and style of writing you want to go for based on your target audience.
  • Be Relevant– Targeting your audience is a prime focus when it comes to email marketing. Personalize your emails for each of your customers. This familiarity will increase the customer’s loyalty towards the product and may help build long-term relationships which are only beneficial for the brand.
  • Offer Incentives– Any kind of marketing involves an exchange. A customer while reading the email may often ask, But what’s in it for me? Offer them a free service; maybe a coupon or some new customer goodies.
  • Timing– Another key factor for effective email marketing. Study your target audience. Conduct research on the days they are most likely to read your mail. You can always test it out before sending them to your target market.
  • Attributes– These may seem inconsequential to some, but it is ALWAYS important to include a subject line in your email, or else the potential customer would not bother opening the mail. Have a simple website and email address and do not make it too long or it may identify as spam.
  • Include a Landing Page – If you want conversion rates, you MUST have a landing page. Just typing a link in your email that leads to your home page is not enough. Take them where they need to go. If customers are required to fill out a form, take them to a landing page and get those conversions up!

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