What is Adwords

And why do you need Adwords Management?

AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform. A successful AdWords campaign can help drive traffic to your website. Unlike SEO, which takes time, Adwords is a lot faster. However, Adwords management requires you to use a complicated platform that needs an Adwords specialist to help. It requires a lot of input and close monitoring to maintain an effective campaign.

AdWords advertising for your website is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. Using a management company helps immensely because the advertising strategy can continuously be improved. An AdWords management team can continually optimize activity for a campaign through keyword revision and expansion, bid optimization, negative keyword research, and ad text optimization. If you do it right, AdWords can transform your business. If you do it wrong, you could spend thousands of dollars and get no return for your time and effort.

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform. Based on the keywords you target, your ads rank differently on the search results page. When visitors click on your advertisement, only then are you charged. There are two main networks Google uses: the search network and the display network. There is an ad ranking system where you bid to secure a particular ad position. Your actual advertisement’s position is determined by multiplying your maximum bid by your quality score. If all of this sounds complicated just know, it is. That’s where we come in. We understand that Google rewards high-quality ads and well-performing AdWord campaigns with discounted per-click costs. Higher ad ranking positions are more likely to show up in Google search results. Keep in mind that the Google AdWords system is a live auction, so the amount of competition determines the click prices, and we are here to bid on the best price for your business.

Why choose Webaxoo to be your Adwords Management Company

Bing ads use the pay-per-click method to drive potential customers to your website. It is very similar to Google search ads, where your ads appear when someone searches for specific keywords. There is no doubt that Google dominates as the most used search network. But there are good reasons to start advertising on Bing too. The Yahoo-Bing Network accounts for 29% of the search marketplace. Thus, Bing ads are good quality leads for a lower price. On average, cost-per-click on Bing is 33% lower than on Google due to mild competition. Business owners and marketers are now realizing the importance of advertising on Bing. Our team is 100% Bing certified.

AdWords can work for all types of businesses – big and small. It’s an affordable form of marketing that can target qualified clients when correctly managed. Webaxoo makes sure your campaigns run smoothly and gives you the best possible results. We are coming up with new improvements daily and always searching for new opportunities to advertise more effectively.

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